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Our Select Products

Leading the line of products are Hydrotex lubricants & fuel improvers, Kennametal carbide wear parts,

cutting edges, blades, wear castings, grinder & trenching tools..





During the mining boom of the 1980s we searched out products to operate mining projects that would surpass normal operating conditions… one of those products would be HYDROTEX lubricants. The underground mining environments were harsh on generic lubes.

Ore cars traveling 2800 feet on rail with wheel bearings submerged in water would be the real test for Hydrotex grease. Their Acculube MT 55 high tack grease would prove to be the only product to stay in the bearings and not wash out.

CME has been representing the Hydrotex full product line since 1988.

Our popular Hydrotex products:

Greases Gear Lubes
Hydro - Syn 70
Hydro Syn EP 80 - 140 sae
Hyplex LC - 65
Moly - Plus 80 - 140 sae
MTP - Ultra
Full Lube 50, 80, 90 sae
Pin - Tac
Multi - Film 80 - 140 sae

Transmission & Final Drive Engine Oils Fuel & Oil Improvers
Hy - Torque
Multi - Grade or Single Grade
Hy - Torque Gold
HyFilm Supreme
Power - Kleen
Hytrax (CAT TO - 4)
HyFilm Max
Injector - Kleen
HyFilm LEO (low emission oil)
Team Racing Motor Oil 15w50


Road Maint. & Rehabilitation:

Road Grading:



As a supplier to a local underground project in 1989 CME would be involved in a tunnel project using a road header tunnel machine. The ground they were tunneling in was very tough to maintain the Header bits.

CME would search out the tool to solve the problem. Using rock mechanics and working with Kennametal they would spec a tool to complete the project with 25-30% better production rate. CME took on the Kennametal line in 1989.

CME Sales handles the following Kennametal Products:

  • Carbide Snow Plow Edges
  • Snow Plow Shoes, Curb Guards
  • ICE Series Blades
  • Dual Carbide Grader Blades
  • Scarifier Blades & Bits
  • Asphalt Grinder Bits - Blocks
  • Trenching Bits & Blocks

Brunner & Lay

:: Brunner & Lay rock drilling tools ::

Brunner & Lay

:: Brunner & Lay pneumatic, electric and hydraulic hammer tools ::

Brunner & Lay

Built to last, since 1882

CME operated several mining projects in the 1980's requiring the use of rock drilling products, drill steel, rock drill bits, etc....

Testing several brands over the years we found the Brunner & Lay product group to perform the best in hard rock environments where other bits and steel would fail.

Brunner & Lay rock drilling tools Include the following product line:

  • Tapered drill steel with 11 and 12 degree taper, taper bits from 1-1/4 through 2” in cross bits or button bits
  • Rope thread steel 7/8 and 1”, rope thread bits, cross or button up to 2”
  • R-25 , R-28 , R-32 R-35 and R-38 steel, collars and bits, cross or button
  • T Series, T-38, T-45 and T-51 steel, collars and bits, cross or button

All types of striking bar products for Jumbo drills:

  • IR, GD, AC, Tamrock 7/8 “ and 1” Intraset drill steel 2’ 7” plus lengths

Brunner & Lay Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic Hammer tools:

  • Paving breaker tools, Bladed tools, Chipping hammer tools
  • Rivet Buster, Whirl Bits , Hand held drill 7/8” x 3-1/4 and 4-1/4 shank
  • Rok bits 1-3/8 – 2” -3” cross style

Demolition Tools (Hydraulic Boom Mounted). Popular Models include:

  • Allied
  • BTI/Teledyne
  • Bobcat
  • Caterpillar
  • Daewoo
  • Esco
  • JCB
  • Kent
  • NPK
  • Stanley

Go to www.brunnerlay.com for more details.

Call for the model breaker you are fitting steel for: 530.272.7841


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